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My name is Jan Videvik. I am a photographer by profession and a member of BLF (a swedish trade organisation for picture agencies and photographic firms), which is associated with CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Press and Stock).

Since 1984 I have been living in a village near Kristianstad in southern Sweden.Before I settled down here I moved around and lived in several different places. This has been positiv in many ways –  especially for my photography. I have had the benefit of experiencing various enviroments and different kinds of nature, and I have met many interesting people. This has tought me about different ways of living and life conditions, as well as recognizing and appreciating the unique and positiv values that each place, landscape and human being hold.

I am very fascinated by the great in the small and simple – to see the beauty in the ingrained, ordinary and common – in things around us that we may take for granted, though it often is small wonders we see. The unexpected and spectacular has a definite value, but from my point of view there is also a great value in recognizing and appreciating that, which is special in our own close surroundings.

Photography for me is more a matter of creating images than mere documentation. I seek an artistic touch in all of my photography and primarily I want to convey emotions and atmosphere.I believe that this is best expressed in my photo art and my slideshows.

Fields of subject

Nature and Landscape - photography has always been of great interest to me. We are connected with the nature in which we live and, perhaps without knowing why, we are drawn to it, become fascinated by it and also become renewed and coloured by the experiences it gives. The nature is always there, but is constantly changing and therefore provides an inexhaustible source of photo opportunities.

Cities, Towns and Villages - are often my subjects when I take pictures for postcards. The motifs may be common views, buildings, parks, public works of art etc.

People - often occur as a part of the motif to add more life to the image in a photo, but I also take portraits, mainly in natural surroundings.

Product - photography is mostly done in a studio, but can also be taken on location, according to wishes and what is most suitable for the purpose of the image.

Art and Architecture - photography comprises everything from statues, churches and public buildings to interiors, paintings and other works of art.

Fields of application

I offer two different kinds of shows:
- lectures on a country, province or place
- slideshows with poetry and music on a specific subject
In both cases I use two projectors to synchronize the pictures.

Photo art:
In addition to selling of my photos,I have also participated in several photo and art exhibitions. Therefore there is always the possibility to order any of my photo motifs that I already have in my archive.

Picture postcards and PR material:

I produce and publish my own picture postcards. The assortment mainly consists of cards from local places and provinces, supplemented with cards of general interest such as: text cards, animal and nature cards and congratulation cards. I also produce custom ordered postcards.

Separately, or combined with the postcard production, I can also produce folders, leaflets and other kinds of PR material. The outdoor pictures are often complemented with interior takings where my mobile studio flashes are used.

Picture archive:

The archive consists of thousands of pictures suitable for many kinds of application.

Photographic assignment (Commissions):
If an inquired image cannot be found in my archive, or if the request concerns something specific or current, I take this as a photographic assignment. This can apply to product images for a list of articles, photos of paintings and other works of art for a catalogue, or takings in a specific enviroment for a customer paper, a leaflet or an advertisement. I also take portraits and artist pictures for business presentations, CD envelopes etc. and have good experience of aerial photography.

Costomers and image users who have applied to me:
STV (Swedish Television)
The Swedish Department of Agriculture
The Royal Armoury
The Swedish Tourist Assosiation (STF)
Tourist Agencies
Tour buss companies
Production and service companies
Societies and schools
Selling places for postcards
Hotels, Boardinghouses and Inns
Camping sites
Private persons



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